Two leading eyelid cleansers – Tea Tree Oil and Hypochlorous Acid combine in the only advanced formula for eyelid cleansing, Blepharitis, Dry Eye Disease, and Rosea.

It’s all natural and preservative free. The gentle foaming scrub is fast acting and provides instant relief. Every order is custom made to preserve freshness and extend shelf life.

  • Designed to optimize healing after eye surgery
  • Pure and all-natural, non-irritating formula
  • Ideal pre-op or on-the-go cleansing to reduce inflammation
  • Developed by ophthalmologists
  • Fast acting for immediate results
  • Made in the USA


Wet eyelids, then apply the Eyelid Scrub Formula to closed eyelids with finger or cotton round for 1 minute. Rinse thoroughly. For best results, use twice daily or as recommend by a healthcare professional.

Other Ingredients

Electrolyzed Water, Tea Tree Oil (5%), Eucalyptus Oil, Vanilla Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Hypochlorous Acid, Coconut Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Palm Kernel Oil, Olive Oil, Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Citric Acid, Tocopherol, Sodium Chloride.

Discover how our formulas are developed with your safety in mind.


  • Are there any side effects associated with Focus Lid Scrubs?

    There are no known side effects to Focus Eyelid Scrub.

  • How does Eyelid scrub help with dry eye?

    86% of all dry eye cases are caused by an overpopulation of bacteria which block the Meibomian Glands on your eyelids from producing oils that protect tears from evaporation. Focus is designed for removal of the microorganisms ans=d debris that can clog these glands and contribute to dry eye.

  • Can I use Focus scrubs before eye surgery?

    Yes. It’s ideal as a pre-op eyelid scrub that has been clinically proven to reduce post op inflammation and pain and boost the immune system.

  • How does Focus Eyelid Scrub differ from competing products?

    Focus is the only advanced formula to incorporate the two leading eyelid cleansers – Tea Tree Oil and Hypochlorous Acid.

  • What preservatives are in Focus Eyelid Scrub?

    Focus Eyelid Scrub is all natural and preservative free unlike any competing product on the market.

  • How long should I use Focus Eyelid Scrub?

    For mild-to-moderate symptoms, we recommend using it once daily. For moderate-to-severe symptoms, we recommend using it twice daily.

  • How close to my lid-margin should I use Focus Scrubs?

    You should get as close as possible without getting it your eye. However, the most important ingredient is highly permeable, so there is no need to scrub vigorously. Just wipe the upper and lower lid in a gentle sweeping motion. You should also apply on the inside bridge of the nose, along-the-brow line and upper portion of the cheekbone.