About Focus PI

Focus Vitamins has formulated Focus PI (Post-Injection) eye drops to provide relief from irritation associated with eye injections.

As the first product of its kind, Focus PI helps soothe any eye discomfort you might experience including that which results from eye injections. Focus PI is a lubricating Hypromellose formula so it is helpful in both the management of post-injection eye irritation and the management of dry eyes.

Focus PI is a Focus Vitamins Exclusive

This is the first product of its kind and is the only post-injection injection drop available in the marketplace. Try a bottle today!


What users of Focus PI have to say...

"Focus PI took the irritation away and lubricated my eyes. I have some dry eyes. Made my eyes comfortable."
"Reduced the pain after my shot."
"Sent to a friend who also has to have eye shots (wet AMD) — my hubby is so happy with these drops he had to share!"
One or Two Drops as Needed
  • Lubricating eye drops

    Fast-acting relief for eye discomfort

  • Trusted Choice

    Manufactured in an FDA-compliant facility

Discover how our formulas are developed with your safety in mind.


  • When should I use Focus PI?

    Focus PI is formulated and safe for use immediately after eye injections and/or during the following days when your eyes are irritated.

  • Is this safe to use for eye relief even if I have not had eye injections?


  • Can I put these eye drops in with contact lenses in my eyes?

    No. Wait 15 minutes after administering Focus PI before putting in your contact lenses.