We and our suppliers take every effort to preserve our environment, to safeguard your heath, and to conserve resources while adding value.

  • Apply Science

    Evidence-based nutritional combinations

  • Prioritize Safety

    Made in the safest way possible

  • Build Trust

    Recommended exclusively through eye doctors

  • Give Back

    Committed to giving back to our communities

Safety Ensured

Your well-being is our business. This is why we work with industry experts who share our vigilance in protecting your health.

  • We partner with NSF and GMP approved US manufacturers who surpass FDA standards
  • We procure the purist ingredients possible
  • Supplements undergo 3rd-party certificate of analysis on every ingredient, every lot, every time
  • All packaging is certified BPA free
FDA Requirements
Focus Requirements
  • Supplier Selection
      • cGMP Certified
      • NSF Certified
      • Third-party audit of supplier
      • Quality Agreement
    • Certificate of Analysis (CofA)*
      • Skip-lot or rotational testing
      • Every active ingredient
      • Every lot
      • Every time
    • Supplier Audit Protocols
      • FDA Inspection once every two years
      • 3rd party audit of manufacturer and distribution center once every three years
    • BPA Levels
        • BPA free certifications for all bottles and caps
      • Expiration Dating
          • 3rd party laboratory stability protocols
          • Expiration dating upon new product launch
          • Ongoing stability protocols to ensure product specifications are being met
        • cGMP Training
            • cGMP is required for all employees

          * What is a Certificate of Analysis? A document issued by a manufacture’s Quality Department attesting to the quality or purity of exported commodities. The CofA is the documented evidence that label claims are being met within specification and that other quality and safety aspects of the product are also met.

          Upholding the Patient-Physician Relationship

          Whether its product safety, potential drug interactions, or medical necessity—your physician knows best.

          Because supplements are not regulated by the FDA as drugs, patients must rely on their physician's recommendation when considering their nutritional supplement options.

          This is why we partner with eye doctors to developed and recommend our products. It ensures patients obtain safe and effective nutrition they can trust.