Providing benefits for your patients, Adding value to your practice.

Focus Vision Supplement Products

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The best supplement choice for the benefit of your patients—and practice.

Developed by Over 400 Retina Specialists

As the only national brand established by over 400 retina specialists, we’re focused on producing products that achieve the same standard of quality care that we extend to our patients every day. With a dedication to scientific and clinical excellence, each product is carefully developed to provide patients with a trusted source of essential nutrients for ocular health.

Premium Quality—From Science to Production

Our commitment to quality extends to every level of the production process. To ensure a premium product, Focus Vision Supplements are made in the United States (of domestic and imported materials) and extensively tested for quality in an FDA-registered facility.

Trusted by the Nation's Top Practices

With a proven standard of excellence and an unparalleled network of physicians supporting each product, Focus Vision Supplements is the trusted vitamin brand among many of the nation’s most highly regarded eye practices.

Selling Vitamins in Your Practice

What's best for patients isn't always best for your practice. We'd like to help you achieve both.

With a myriad of products on the market promising health benefits for your patients, many fail to integrate within the scope of care you provide to your patients or to add value to your practice. As retina specialists, we developed the Focus Vision Supplements line to help your practice achieve both of these objectives.

Providing Benefits for Your Patients

The science is proven—a daily supply of certain vitamins and minerals can play an important role in supporting vision health as we age. From macular health to dry eye relief, we’ve produced a variety of ocular health supplements to cover the varying needs of your patients and integrate within your existing scope of care.

Adding Value to Your practice

You can offer Focus Vision Supplements to your patients and add a valuable revenue source to your practice through our wholesale program. Sign up and receive access to special wholesale pricing for all products, free promotional materials and instructions on how to begin selling vitamins in your practice.

  1. Order vitamins and
    promotional materials

  2. Sell 2 bottles per day

  3. Earn $10,000 or
    more per year*

Our Products

Focus Select<sup>®</sup>

Focus Select®

Macular Health Formula (AREDS2)

Suggested Retail: $44.99

Available wholesale in a box or case

Focus Relief<sup>™</sup>

Focus Relief Plus

Dry Eye Formula

Suggested Retail: $29.99

Available wholesale in a box or case

Focus MaculaPro<sup>®</sup>

Focus MaculaPro®

Macular Health Formula (AREDS)

Suggested Retail: $34.99

Available wholesale in a box or case

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* Based on sales of Focus Select®, Focus MaculaPro®, and Focus Support™. Earn $3,300+ in a year with Focus Relief® by selling 2 bottles per day. Calculated using average number of business days per year (21 per month). Earnings may vary.

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